Dwenger Science Olympiad team takes 1st place


Bishop Dwenger High School Science Olympiad contestants are: (kneeling, from left) Kevin LaMaster, Max DiFilippo, Kyle Weingartner, Patrick Morr, (second row) David LaMaster, Sam Fair, Abby Brelage, Nicole Gloudemans, Natalie Guisinger, Laura Carroll, Matthias Post, (third row) Cierra Stith, Farrah Pilling, Chino Eke, Ryan McArdle, Mike Voors, Jacob Nicholson and Ben Howe.

The Bishop Dwenger High School Science Olympiad team earned 10 first-place finishes and won the top trophy in their division at the regional competition Feb. 25 at Saint Joseph’s College in Rensselaer.

The team earned medals in 23 of the 25 events. The BD Science Olympiad club is in its sixth year, and this is the second consecutive year they have won regionals, and the fourth consecutive year they have qualified for the state tournament.

Science Olympiad is a team competition in which students compete in 23 team events and a few trial events over the course of a day. The competitions include knowledge-based events, lab events, and events in which pre-built devices are tested.

Activities included designing and building a lightweight tower with the highest structural efficiency; designing and building a robotic device to move score-able items; designing and building a self-propelled air-levitated vehicle than can move down the track; building a free flight rubber-powered helicopter to achieve maximum time aloft; and similar challenges.

Bishop Dwenger students won first-place awards in the following activities: Chem Lab, Max DiFilippo and Sam Fair; Electric Vehicle, Patrick Morr and Max DiFilippo; Environmental Chemistry, Chino Eke and Farrah Pilling; Game On, Kyle Weingartner and David LaMaster; Helicopter, Mike Voors and Jacob Nicholson; Hovercraft, Nikki Gloudemans and Kyle Weingartner; Material Science, Kevin LaMaster and Ryan McArdle; Remote Sensing, Max DiFilippo and Matthias Post; Robot Arm, Nikki Gloudemans and Kyle Weingartner; Towers, Max DiFilippo and Patrick Morr.

Bishop Dwenger students won second-place awards in: Astronomy, Kevin LaMaster and David LaMaster; Disease Detectives, Sam Fair and Kevin LaMaster; Experimental Design, Mike Voors, Ryan McArdle and Matthias Post; Optics, Kevin LaMaster and Patrick Morr.

Bishop Dwenger students won third-place awards in: Anatomy and Physiology, Chino Eke and Ryan McArdle (Research: Abby Brelage and Megan Buenconsejo); Ecology, Laura Carroll and Cierra Stith; Rocks and Minerals, Natalie Guisinger and Jacob Nicholson.

Bishop Dwenger students won fourth place in: Dynamic Planet, Natalie Guisinger and David LaMaster (Research: Ben Howe); Hydrology, Nikki Gloudemans and Cierra Stith; Microbe Mission, Sam Fair and Mike Voors; Write-it/Do-it: Laura Carroll and Matthias Post.

Bishop Dwenger students won fifth place in: Invasive Species, Chino Eke and Cierra Stith; Wind Power, Laura Carroll and Nikki Gloudemans.