Soarin’ Hawk Searches for Future Home


Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation was founded in 1996 when a handful of volunteers provided care for about 20 raptors and conducted a few educational presentations

Last year, the organization provided treatment and care for more than 219 raptors and made more than 100 educational presentations.

Because of this growth, Soarin’ Hawk outgrew its modest facility located a few miles outside Leo-Cedarville.

“The facilities were built a long time ago. We’re basically out of room – we’re out of room for the number of birds we take in for rehab, we’re out of room for the number of birds we like to keep here as resident, education birds. And we need better working conditions for the volunteers because (now)…everything we do is outside,” said Soarin’ Hawk Director of Development Mike Dobbs.

Soarin’ Hawk is looking for 10-20 acres in Allen County where it can construct several buildings. A clinic and education building would be used for rehab and to show the public what the organization does. There would also be updated habitats for the owls, hawks and eagles who permanently call Soarin’ Hawk home.

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