New parking meters coming to downtown


The city of Fort Wayne is moving forward with its plans to install parking meters that accept credit cards.

The city has been testing the new parking meters for about three weeks, City Clerk Lana Keesling.

The city has been testing about 20 meters from one vendor on Berry Street, Keesling said. On March 23, they installed meters from a second vendor.

The city signed contracts with the two companies to test the meters at no cost to the city, Keesling said.

Other vendors have also contacted the city and Keesling anticipates testing three to four companies overall.

The vendors will be tested for 60 days. It will be about four months before making a decision and purchasing the meters, she said.

While all the vendors being tested have an app that allows people to add time to their meter remotely, Keesling said these apps are not available during the testing phase, though they will be when a vendor is selected. She also reminded drivers they still need to obey ordinances as to how long they can be at a single parking spot.

Once the meters are installed the city will “have to look at rates” for the meters as well as parking garages and lots, Keesling said.

“A lot of folks I’ve talked to don’t mind paying more for the technology, ease and convenience,” she said.

Though only in a testing phase, people have been receptive to the new meters, Keesling said.

“I heard a lot of comments from people who were very excited about having credit cards…and having new technology,” she said.