By Louis Wyatt

Coffee options continue to grow in northern Allen County. The newest shop to open is no stranger to the Fort Wayne café scene, though.

Mocha Lounge opened on Covington Road in 2004, and with continued growth over the past 14 years, owner Brian Till was eager to expand operations.

“With the hospital and all the growth up here, we thought it would be a good fit,” he said. “And we have a lot of regular customers that live up here that might work out southwest that said they would love to see us open one up north for the past five years.”

The northeast Mocha Lounge location, a new building on East Dupont Road between Diebold and Tonkel roads that the company leases, opened Friday, though the business is planning a future grand-opening celebration with next-door neighbors In Touch SalonSpa, which recently opened in the same building. The Nov. 3 grand opening will feature live music and other activities.

For the most part, the new cafe will sport the same menu as its southwest counterpart, with a few tweaks added.

“We’re going to keep it pretty much the same,” Till said. “We might offer a few different options as far as food goes, but we’re still tweaking that part. The drinks and all that are the same.”

The hours will be “similar, but a little bit different,” he added.

If the new venture is as successful as Till expects it to be, it could be just the beginning of Mocha Lounge’s plans for expansion.

“It wouldn’t be for a few years, but we’ve talked about maybe doing something at the GE building or somewhere around downtown,” Till said. “We’ve also talked about maybe getting into the wholesale side of things and roasting, but there’s nothing set in stone.”

Mocha Lounge sources its beans near and far, including from Conjure Coffee in Fort Wayne, Tinker Coffee Co. out of Indianapolis and Intelligentsia in Chicago.

“We’re just trying to bring the coffee and community to a different part of town,” Till said. “We’re inviting people to enjoy what we’ve created and hopefully love what we’ve done.”