A Fort Wayne shelter is asking the public to help keep homeless families out of the cold


FORT WAYNE — Just Neighbors, an emergency homeless shelter for families, needs the public’s help keeping homeless families out of the cold as the community braces for historic low temperatures, the emergency homeless shelter announced Jan. 29.

“While most of us see the weather as a small consideration in our day-to-day life, the homeless realize extreme weather brings dangerous conditions to a difficult life already full of danger and struggle,” Joshua Gale, executive director of Just Neighbors, said in the emailed statement.

When the temperature drops below 32 degrees, the shelter opens its doors to families in addition to those already in its program. This plan is part of a city-wide initiative between Just Neighbor’s, the mayor’s office and several other local agencies.

So far this winter, the shelter has housed several families under this plan, including one pregnant mother who otherwise would have been sleeping in her car.

Gale said the public can help support the already over-capacity shelter by donating either monetarily through PayPal or with in-kind donations.

“As always, your donations make a difference every day and your support changes lives,” Gale said in the emailed statement. “Consider supporting homeless families through Just Neighbors as so many are facing dangerous weather. We want to ensure these families and their children are inside and out of the cold.”

For more information on how to support Just Neighbors, visit //www.ihnfamily.org/donate.php.