Old Fort to commemorate decommissioning today


It is the year 1819 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Twenty-five years have passed since the city’s founding on October 22, 1794.

With major conflicts now over, Indiana is no longer a war-torn territory but a growing state.  The frontier has moved further west than ever before and the need for regiments to garrison the new forts is pressing.

Orders from the War Department arrive at Fort Wayne, and the withdrawal of garrison troops takes place on April 19th, 1819.

One resident of the area wrote that they were surprised and terrified to see the 96 soldiers leave in boats, taking with them the sense of security and stability the garrison had provided for decades.

With the departure of the military and the arrival of new settlers, the unoccupied Old Fort complex takes on a new, more municipal role as a meeting place for the locals, a temporary shelter for travelers and those new to the area, Fort Wayne’s first school, a location for early church services, and even a Masonic Lodge.

It was a new beginning for Fort Wayne–a beginning that paved the path for the city that exists today.

Join us on April 19, 2019 as we remember the end of the era that put the “Fort” in “Fort Wayne” and ushered our city into a new chapter of history.  We will be open to the public for tours from 10:00am – 5:00pm.

About Historic Fort Wayne, Inc.:   Founded in 2004, Historic Fort Wayne is a Non-Profit Organization that manages the Old Fort in Fort Wayne, IN.  Our goal is to educate the community about Historic Fort Wayne and its significance to the Northwest Territory, the State of Indiana, and the United States during the 17th and 18th centuries through interactive programming. We are a 100% volunteer organization. All of our events are free to the public. All programming is funded by private and corporate donations.