Delighting in art, celebrating in music


Hand-size statuettes were arrayed on the floor, paintings and drawings covered the walls, and other creations topped tables at the May 29 art walk at Canterbury Middle School. Lower School students also contributed to the show. Parents and grandparents toured the displays before attending the spring concert.

A mural by Josh Cooper catches the eye of Ted Spier, who has two daughters in Canterbury schools (Photos by Garth Snow)
Estelle Pasko, Grade 5, created the watercolor “Llama Nation” for the Canterbury art show.
Dave Grabach photographs a watercolor and ink creation by his daughter Sara, Grade 6, entitled “Nora, Sam, Zayna.”
A watercolor and ink piece by Sara Grabach, Grade 6, entitled “Nora, Sam, Zayna.”
Art filled walls, tables and even sections of the floor at the art walk for Canterbury middle and lower schools.

About 200 students from seven instrumental and choral groups presented 22 numbers during the Canterbury Middle School Spring Concert on May 29. From “Bohemian Rhapsody” to “Let My People Go,” selections covered a wide array of music.

Julia Valcarcel touches bow to string at the Canterbury concert.
Jonah George performs with the fifth-grade string orchestra.
Gabby Webster, Julia Valcarcel and Kiran Kulkarni perform at the Canterbury Spring Concert.
Collin Campbell, Maria Tan, Adam Stephens, Edward Sun and Amelia Ervin perform at the Canterbury Middle School Spring Concert.