Leo dancers semifinalists at world competition

The Diva Dance Company, from Dance NY Style Studio in Leo, competed in a world dance competition on July 30 in New Jersey. They didn’t win, but had a great time, and many capped off their experience with a trip to nearby New York City. (Cindy Larson)

By Cindy Larson

The Diva Dance Company from Leo may not have won the world competition they attended in New Jersey on July 30, but that didn’t get them down.

“The girls did an amazing job,” said Lindsey Tague, who owns Dance NY Style Studio in Leo. The Diva Dance Company is a performing and competing group at the studio. The group of 8- to 18-year-olds had to audition to be part of the Divas.

“They were semifinalists but did not make it to the final five,” Tague said. “Everyone was entirely happy, though, because the experience itself was so neat. They even were chosen to talk with the broadcaster.”

Before going to the world competition the dancers won a preliminary dance contest and were awarded the “Golden Ticket,” earning them a spot at the World Dance Championship.

Being summertime and so close to New York City, many of the dancers and their families elected to stay longer and explore the Big Apple.

Parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles went to the dance competition in New Jersey to support their dancers. (Cindy Larson)

Grandparents, siblings, even aunts and uncles came to support the dancers and then go on to vacation in New York. “It was wonderful,” Tague said.

The team has traveled a lot, but this is the first time they’ve been in New York City, Tague said.

The Diva Company danced in the novice category, which is for dancers who practice five to seven hours a week.

A senior student, Gabi Meredith, chose the music and costumes and choreographed the dance the Diva Company performed in the competition.

She chose “All Through the Night” by Sleeping at Last, and choreographed it in the lyrical style of dancing.

The Diva Company includes the following dancers: Gabi Meredith, Hailey York, Bethany Keller, Cora Gerben, Makayla Rodman, Ella Martin, Emma Flory, Rylee Sharp, Julia Lanphere and Allison King.