‘Lucky the Leprechaun?’ adds St. Patrick’s Day fun



During rehearsals for “Who Framed Lucky the Leprechaun?” leprechauns Oliver Welch and Scotlyn Moncur chuckle at the Trix Rabbit’s (Addison Lacross) discomfort when confronted with strange evidence by the Detective (Ruby Pasche). The play will be performed March 16-17 at TekVenture.

A famous leprechaun, a growth spurt, sabotage — all will be featured in the original Ecstatic Theatrics play “Who Framed Lucky the Leprechaun?” at TekVenture on March 16-18.

“Who Framed Lucky” tells the story of Lucky Charm’s mascot leprechaun, who is fired after growing taller than the children in the TV commercials. He then becomes “tumbled into a tangle of Trix rabbit espionage and marshmallow mine slavery,” according to information from the play’s author, Jeannette Jaquish. “On the way, he encounters cantankerous leprechauns and over-eager crime scene investigators.”

The play was originally written and performed for St. Patrick’s Day in 2007, Jaquish said. The idea for the play grew from the need for a St. Patrick’s Day play, the idea of a growth spurt and a rabbit suit left over from a production based on “Alice in Wonderland.”

“Also I had a joke I wanted to incorporate: a ‘cereal’ attacker – someone who comes in and destroys your bowl of cereal,” Jaquish said. “So lots of times I start with things I have and I make a script that includes them.”

Jaquish calls her introduction into writing her own plays an “inherited insanity,” as her mother, a music teacher, used to write scripts for her students. Jaquish herself started when she wrote a play for her church talent show, then later wrote one based on Pippi Longstocking for her daughter’s youth theater.

“It’s extremely suspenseful and exciting … and there’s just this moment of joy when you’re waiting backstage for your entrance and you’re side by side with the actors and you’re on the verge of jumping off this cliff, which is going out on stage,” Jaquish said.

“Who Framed Lucky” is one of about 40 plays written by Jaquish. This one, she said, is a “real quirky play with short scenes … and it’s got some really outrageous things that shock and amuse the audience.”

The involvement of children in the play also acts as a fun, and important, element, Jaquish said.

“It’s inspiring to see someone you know or a kid performing. The fear of public speaking is the most common fear, and it’s the most irrational,” she said. “Breaking this fear of public speaking can release humanity of this bad habit of nobody speaking up against [bad things] … and people need to learn to speak, and it’s like a superpower. Being able to stand up in front of a crowd and speak is a superpower, it shouldn’t be but it is.”

“Who Framed Lucky the Leprechaun?” will play at TekVenture on March 16-18 as part of the organization’s “St. Patrick’s Games, Plays and Tomfoolery.” The events run from 6-10 p.m. March 16, 6-10 p.m. March 17, and 2-6 p.m. March 18  with an hour of games, followed by the play then two more hours of games, dancing and building things with regulars at TekVenture.

TekVenture is located at 1550 Griffin St., Fort Wayne. Tickets are $5 or $20 for a family of six. Tickets can be purchased at the door.