Ink Spot’s first edition honors Frost Illustrated



Fort Wayne Ink Spot published its first edition March 12, featuring a tribute to former Frost Illustrated figure Edward Smith Sr.

Ink Spot managing editor William Bryant Rozier interviewed and photographed Smith for the inaugural edition of Fort Wayne’s newest print publication. It was only fitting that Ink Spot sum up the history of a publication that served the local African-American community for almost 50 years, Rozier said.

Ink Spot owner and publisher John Dortch approached Smith after Frost Illustrated ceased publishing in October. “I don’t feel that we should start a paper without having a relationship with Mr. Smith,” Dortch said in his inaugural edition. “I have a personal relationship with him. We go to the same church. I have known him for many years.”

In that interview, Smith, 87, explained that illness and staffing issues ended the newspaper’s run just short of the half-century mark.

Ink Spot is published biweekly, serving the former Frost Illustrated newspapers and leaving about 500 copies for sale in the community.

Rozier said Ink Spot is not a successor to Frost Illustrated, but does intend to serve the same audience. He said feature obituaries, business profiles will be staples of each issue. A church will be highlighted in each publication.

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