Broadway-Rudisill in Fort Wayne to be closed for sewer work

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Staff report

FORT WAYNE — Getting to your favorite restaurants and pub in the 46807 ZIP code from the south may take a little more mileage for the rest of the year.

Drivers in the vicinity of the Broadway and Rudisill Boulevard intersection will be seeing signs to alert them about an upcoming road closure. The intersection will be closed to accommodate construction of the Rudisill Consolidation Sewer, beginning the week of July 8, according to a notice from the city of Fort Wayne. The closure is expected to be in place for up to 10 months.

A consolidation sewer is a near-surface sewer that collects or consolidates the flow from existing sewer pipes, and at this location will convey the flow to the Three Rivers Protection and Overflow Tunnel. The consolidation pipes that will be constructed at Rudisill and Broadway will collect combined sewage (sanitary and stormwater) from a 126-inch pipe under Rudisill and a 30-inch pipe that comes in from the south to this intersection.

The project is part of City Utilities’ 18-year long-term control plan to allow the city to meet Environmental Protection Agency requirements to limit sewage going into the city’s three rivers.

During heavy rainfall, combined sewers become too full and the excess is drained into the rivers at combined sewer overflow — or CSO — locations. This intersection is the largest CSO point within the city’s river system, according to the city statement. An average of 392 million gallons of combined sewage is dumped into the St. Marys each year. These CSOs occur during wet weather events approximately 72 times a year.

The city has created a local detour, using Creighton Avenue, for those drivers who live or are doing business in the area.

and another for through traffic that uses Jefferson Boulevard on the north, Lafayette Street on the east, Tillman Road on the south and Bluffton Road and Brooklyn Avenue on the west.

Foster Park near the Broadway-Rudisill intersection will remain open, but will only be accessible from the south. Access to the park will be marked.

Local detour